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Japanese Breakfast

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Japanese Breakfast is an elaborated version of a meal from chef Colin Sato’s childhood, and encapsulation of so many things that make Japanese food beautiful: a sense of simplicity, variety, and focus. It’s a reservation-only event that we cook every Sunday at the Foolish Things Coffee downtown location at 10th and Main.

Japanese breakfast is a set menu of 8 dishes: shiozake (half-cured salmon), onsen tamago (hot spring egg), hiyayakko (cold dressed tofu), homemade miso soup, tsukemono (various homemade pickles), kombu no tsukudani (braised seeweed), chrysanthemum ohitashi (dashi dipped greens), and steamed rice, and genmai cha (roasted brown rice tea). Rice, miso soup, and tea are unlimited and are included with the price of the meal. Each meal is $35 per person.

Japanese breakfast also showcases the beautifully designed menus by Maya Sato, Chef Colin’s younger sister. The tiny thoughtful touches transform a set of food into a heartfelt experience with the distinctive mark of being cared for by a diverse and talented team.

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Japanese Breakfast