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Downtown Tulsa Districts

Arena District

Launched in February of 2018, the Arena District Master Plan is guiding the City and its partners in developing improvements to the District’s public realm. This master planning process will assess the current state of the District, evaluate the potential of public infrastructure investments, identify opportunities for private development, and provide a phased roadmap for future decisions.

Blue Dome District

The Blue Dome District is one of Tulsa’s most popular entertainment districts. Anchored by the 1924 Blue Dome building, this district offers incredible nightlife and a broad selection of local restaurants, shops, and bars.

Cathedral District

Located at the southern end of Downtown Tulsa, the Cathedral District boasts a rich combination of faith, life, business, and culture. Tulsans across the city are drawn Downtown every day by the six historic churches, Tulsa Community College, and up-and-coming entertainment and dining hot spots.

Deco District

Tulsa’s Deco District is located in the heart of Downtown Tulsa and boasts the City’s most robust collection of Art Deco buildings. Featuring offices, apartments, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, this district celebrates and blends its history with new modern touches.

East Village

Affectionately referred to as “the sunny side of downtown” for its geographical location and sunny disposition, Downtown Tulsa’s East Village District hosts a variety of restaurants, nightlife, performing arts, and business and retail services.

Historic Greenwood District

The Historic Greenwood District, which stretches from Martin Luther King Blvd. to east of Greenwood Ave., is experiencing a renaissance of new business. This district was popularly known as America’s “Black Wall Street” until the devastating Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 destroyed the once-thriving Greenwood community. Visit John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park and the Greenwood Cultural Center to honor the victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre, or stop in one of the many black-owned galleries, restaurants or businesses located here.

Gunboat Park

Located in the southeast corner of Downtown Tulsa, Gunboat Park gets its name from its unique gun boat shape with parks located at each “tipped” end. The district is home to residents and more than 20 businesses. With easy access to both Downtown Tulsa and Historic Route 66, this neighborhood perfectly connects Downtown to neighboring areas of Tulsa.

Tulsa Arts District

The Tulsa Arts District is a diverse, culturally-robust district in Downtown Tulsa. Grown from a historic oil-rich past with icons including The Tulsa Theater and Cain's Ballroom, the district has evolved over time to become a creative, community-driven engine of the Tulsa economy.