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Tulsa Transit and Aero Bus Rapid Transit connect commuters and visitors from across the city to the heart of Downtown.

Tulsa Transit

Tulsa Transit operates Fixed Route and Paratransit bus services Monday through Saturday from the early morning to the early evening. After daytime service ceases at about 6:30 pm, nighttime services take effect on nightline routes until midnight. A limited Sunday service is also available. Find information on schedules and routes, visit Tulsa Transit or call (918) 582-2100.

Aero Bus Rapid Transit

The Aero BRT connects riders and commuters to destinations in Downtown Tulsa and along the vibrant Peoria corridor. So, whether you’re headed to work, school, or someplace special for a night out with friends, Aero will get you there. With service approximately every 15-20 minutes, you can catch the Aero at 2nd St. S. and Boulder Ave., 1st St. and Cincinnati Ave., and the Denver Avenue Bus Station.