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I Am a Stranger Here & Gossamer

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This exhibition, featuring art created by Andrea Martin and Madison Moody-Torres, will be installed at Living Arts of Tulsa for viewing from September 2 to October 14, 2022.

Andrea Martin presents “I Am a Stranger Here.”
“When I look into all the space that surrounds me, I find it all so beautiful. I fell in love so easily with this land and the humans who live here. I felt so deeply connected to every beautiful detail of this world that I found myself living in a constant state of falling in love. But things change, the humans, the landscapes, and energies they hold. I have loved what is always leaving or always changing, and there has been damage sustained. In love and damaged by what I cannot hold eternally, I am also to suffer a constant state of broken heartedness. I could never have been meant for the land I now wander, this ephemeral land of great pain and great beauty. Standing on my toes, arms reaching to the sky, a wish for infinity to take me home... for I am a stranger here.”
About Andrea Martin: Andrea is a Tulsa-based, abstract, mixed-media artist and Oklahoma Native American who is inspired by life, dreams, nature, and spirituality.
“Painting since the age of 5, art has been the one constant joy in my life. Art wasn't just a hobby, it was more than once my savior. Inspired by my highschool art teacher, I developed a love for abstract art. He once told me, "It's okay to be weird:" I took that and ran. I started experimenting with different paint, media, and texture. I fell in love with the process of growing and seeing how different my art became. From 2004 until 2010 I ran my art through festivals and showcased my work in many galleries across the US, then life shifted and I put down my paintbrush to become a mother and build a career in the healthcare field as a Respiratory Therapist.
Nearly a decade passed before I was able to dive back into my love and passion. I've evolved into a very different artist throughout the years; my work now is 3-dimensional and loaded with intense texture. Once I began sculpting on the canvas, I realized making flat paintings would never thrill me again.
I always believed my plain exterior to be only a facade, and I knew the woman within was much more complex and dimensional. This is where my focus turned. I took an inward look to achieve an outward rendering of myself The Artist. This became the center of my art practice. My work became something deeper, intensely complicated, and more dimensional.”
Instagram: @she_is_art_defined

Madison Moody-Torres presents “Gossamer.”
“My artwork is an exploration of myself, my memories, and feelings in the form of recurring female characters in different mindsets or stages of life. I aim for my artwork to touch someone in a very specific, but personal point in their life. I have no idea what that point may manifest itself as, but I want my artwork to reach it and provide some type of solidarity or familiarity to whoever may be viewing it.”
About Madison Moody-Torres: “I'm Madison Moody-Torres and I'm from Midwest City, Oklahoma, where I have spent the majority of my life. I have been creating for as long as I can remember. Because of this, I have strived for anything and everything creative throughout my career. I graduated with an Associate of Art degree from Rose State College in 2015, completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Oklahoma City University (OCU) in 2017, and then returned to OCU to complete my Master of Art in Nonprofit Leadership: Arts Administration degree in the Summer of 2018. Throughout this time, my artwork has taken on a life of its own.”
Instagram: @madisonmoodyart

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I Am a Stranger Here & Gossamer