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2024 Curbside Haiku

Curbside Haiku is Back!

Each spring, Downtown Tulsa Partnership and partners adorn Downtown’s public right-of-way with poetry and visual art celebrating the neighborhood’s vibrancy and inclusivity. A call for haiku entries is shared across DTP and partner platforms.

Judges from Magic City Books and the Woody Guthrie Center select 10 haiku winners, whose work is printed on 150 art boards. DTP commissions a local artist to design a digital backdrop for the art boards and, with the City Arts Commission’s approval, installs them along the Downtown curb line for 45 days.

2024 Curbside Haiku Winners

2024 Curbside Haiku Artist: Jessica Newman

Jessica Newman

About the Artist:
"Sometimes life can feel chaotic and overwhelming. As someone who is easily overstimulated, art is my reminder to just have fun, let go and get messy.  

"Right now I am enjoying painting life-sized, abstract animals and portraits of women. I prefer using acrylic and paint markers, but I’ve been known to use whatever supplies are around. My whole world is pretty much covered in paint! I am very much inspired by nature and music. Recently, I have been experimenting with ways to create textured trees and plan to do many more landscapes in the future. 

"Art has connected me with so many wonderful people over the years. Lately, when I paint outside it attracts all the neighborhood kids to show up and turns into a community paint session. Little things like this remind me that I’m living in my purpose. I am excited to see all the opportunities art will provide me going forward."

About Her Curbside Haiku Commission:
"Inclusivity encourages collaboration and connection. Having a space where everyone feels welcome brings people together and allows creativity to flow. In this piece, I wanted to represent energy and ideas gathering in the center, intertwining and dispersing over everyone.

"As a woman and a lesbian, especially when I used to work in a corporate setting, I always felt like my voice wasn’t heard or other people were more important. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to be more confident and proud of who I am and of my ideas. This isn’t necessarily a self portrait but I wanted to portray a confident woman who looked hopeful."

2024 Curbside Haiku Art by Jessica Newman

Map of Curbside Haiku Art Boards


Where can I find the art boards in Downtown?

Art boards can generally be found along Downtown Tulsa's most walked corridors. Be sure to take photos of your favorite haiku and tag Downtown Tulsa Partnership on social media!

How long will the art boards be up?

Art boards will be up from April 5-May 15.

Will the winners be recognized publicly?

Yes! DTP is partnering with Magic City Books to host a public block party, the Magic City Book Bash, on Saturday, April 6, in celebration of local authors, including poets. A short program from 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM will allow the 10 haiku winners or their proxies to read the winning poems. We invite the public to join in the Book Bash fun, which will also feature local book authors, family-friendly activities, and music — all for FREE!

What about the poets who didn't win?

With 155 entrants, haiku selection was a difficult choice for our judges. Here are the other submissions that met entry requirements:

Remember your past.
Greenwood’s gospel weeps justice.
Transform. Become love.
— D.L. Lang, Where Change Begins

Magic in these streets
where folkies and Hanson meet.
Warm. Welcoming.
— D.L. Lang, Intersections of Warmth

In an infinite
Universe, everyone is
always at the center
— Jeff Thompson

Footsteps echo strong
Stories entwined in buildings
Past and present merge
— Ellen Stanley

Taking a look back
Progress through the looking glass
Reconcile and thrive
— Gena Nelson

Downtown Tulsa shines
Beaming with diversity
We saw the same sunset
— Donna Vandiver

The views are changing.
Downtown Tulsa comes alive
from it’ winter’s rest.
— Karen McCauley

Tulsa's sunset vibrant hue,
Train horns sing of freedom's call,
"Stay gold," echoes true.
— Danny Boy O'Connor

Storm clouds erasing blue
Tumultuous sky evokes
Thundering bison
— Carol Willcutt

one cloud in the sky
the voices echo loudly
they're surrounding us
— Bea York Ferris

Step out on the street.
Energy. Vigor. Joy. Life.
This is life downtown.
— Mitchell Applegate

ah, metal donut!
eagles played inside its halls
rock the bok, always
— Bailey Rodfield

Reconciliation Way
Past. Present. Future
— Melinda Bellatti

Art deco beckons
us to soak in beauty
and shared humanity.
— Melinda Bellatti

Sift through Tulsa nights
Notice the past and future
And live in the now
— Abigail Mae Woodward

clouds drape the mountains
like scarves drape a dress or coat
perfect ensemble
— Mare Blumer

Tulsa calls, “gather.”
Collaboration of dreams—
creating future.
— Christa Baca

Bob Wills at Cains
Woody Guthrie on Archer
Bob Dylan grinning
— Cheryl Sanders

Greenwood, Utica,
Gilcrease, Blue Dome, Philbrook. Wow!
How lucky we are!
— Paige Palestini

Great food, city sights.
Rumbling engines, red lights.
This is my Tulsa.
— Eli Karraker

Among tulsa’s heart,
Downtown hums with vibrant life,
History and art
— Roman De Fabio

Visit the center
  of the universe, see how
We stand together
— Cece Reese

Heart of the city
It's everyone's neighborhood
We belong downtown
— Dawnya Hiner

At the Guthrie Green
Eat coney dogs on the field
Look at the big stars
— Owen Showalter

light sings slowly,
lingers with a whisper, fading notes
echo in Cathedrals built by Callouses
— Zhenya Yevtushenko, Callouses

In the clear fresh air
The smell of delicious food
In the Downtown street
— Molly Sofia Brotherton

Daylight awakens,
Sparrows flick and peck treasures
Fulfilling evening
— Jason Inskeep

Memories stalk me
Held in the pores of stone
They invade my soul
— Marlys Cervantes

reading all haiku
a dandelion seed wanders
from curb to curb
— Sebastian Chrobak

Thirsty land thankful
For early morning soaking
I avoid puddles
— Jewell B N Hunt

Walk next to me and
become me and I’ll become
you and we will walk
— Bill McCloud

Walk the history of
the town So much to soak in
Just look Look around
— Bill McCloud

This land is your land
Not flyover land y’all
Tulsa is Magic City
— Cheryl Kane

2024 Curbside Haiku Partners