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Program Scope 

Pop-Up Downtown allows emerging and growing entrepreneurs as well as established local brands to test the Downtown Tulsa market through affordable short-term leases in ground-floor retail spaces. The program also seeks to activate Downtown Tulsa through increased foot traffic and expanded diversity of Downtown business owners and shopping experiences.  

Participants will be selected through an application process based on concept viability, product quality, product diversity, and overall fit of the product offerings. Participants also will be selected based on their ability to fulfill the requirements of the program outlined below and their alignment with Downtown Tulsa Partnership’s strategic goal to “foster a prosperous Downtown through investments and resources that seek to benefit all Tulsans.”  

What will the program do? 

  • Generate more shopping visits to Downtown. 
  • Enhance the retail offerings of Downtown with new products and exposure to new retail experiences. 
  • Increase the visible presence of underrepresented, non-traditional, and diverse local entrepreneurs in Downtown. 
  • Reduce the visual impact of empty storefronts in Downtown Tulsa. 
  • Offer a low-cost option for businesses to test new ideas and/or reach new customers. 
  • Assist newer retail stores in growing their businesses and learning the fundamentals of operating a brick-and-mortar location. 
  • Provide insights to Downtown Tulsa Partnership on the health of the retail market. 

Who is encouraged to apply? 

  • Entrepreneurs with a storefront/shop concept that is able to utilize 500 - 2,000 square feet of retail space for their own brick-and-mortar store.  
  • Entrepreneurs that can partner with other brands on a shop concept, if needed, to utilize 500 - 2,000 square feet of a shared retail space.  
  • Entrepreneurs looking to establish a future presence in the Downtown market, even if the available space and sizing is not a fit at this point in time, or the concept is still developing. Future pop-up opportunities as well as site selection services may be offered to these applicants. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the shops be located? 
Shop spaces are all around Downtown! We work with Downtown property owners to identify vacancies that align with the program’s time period.

What are the dates for this year’s holiday program? 

Pop-up shops will be available for lease for the 2023 holiday season from November 13, 2023 - January 19, 2023. DTP also facilitates other pop-up seasons, and if you want to stay connected to those future opportunities, connect with us!

Key Program Dates:  

  • Applications open September 15, 2023  
  • Virtual application support and information session 1: September 28 at 6 PM 
  • Virtual application support and information session 2: October 3 at 6 PM 
  • Applications due by 5 PM on October 13, 2023 
  • Applicant interviews conducted virtually from October 23 through November 1 
  • Applicant Selection November 3 
  • Participant onboarding from November 3 – November 13 
  • All shop concepts must be open with posted hours by December 1, 2023 
  • All keys returned to DTP staff and spaces completely cleared by 5 PM on January 19, 2024 

What types of business is this program designed to attract?

Pop-ups should be complementary to the overall mix of Downtown’s existing businesses while providing fresh offerings designed to increase foot traffic and drive more shoppers to Downtown. Downtown is home to over 30,000 employees, 5,000 local residents and welcomes almost 2 million visitors a year. Peak hours are during the day on weekdays and during the evenings on weekends.

When is the application deadline? 

The deadline to apply for the 2023 Holiday Season of Pop-Up Downtown is 5 PM on October 13, 2023.  

When will decisions on selected shops be made? 

By October 20, applicants will be invited to a virtual interview with DTP staff. Interviews will be held between October 23 – November 1, 2023.The selection committee will inform accepted participants no later than November 3, 2023, for the holiday season. Agreements will be made available, and commitments must be signed within two weeks of selection no later than November 13, 2023. Refer to the application for the full list of key dates for the 2023 Pop-Up Downtown Holiday Season

For Questions or More Information 

Interested applicants are advised and welcome to contact us for more information. Contact Emily Scott at or 918-221-8635, or email  

The Downtown Pop-Up Program is supported by: