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2023 DSIP Focus Group

DTP is developing a Downtown Strategic Investment Plan (DSIP). This planning project is a strategic roadmap for fostering sustainable growth and revitalization, ensuring Downtown thrives as a dynamic and prosperous hub for years to come. Building on the legacy of 14 years of local planning efforts, DSIP will provide context for implementing pertinent outstanding plan recommendations, while developing updated and timely recommendations for addressing Downtown’s current challenges and future opportunities. This planning process is slated to be complete by June 2024.

Existing Conditions Report

Key Highlights

      • Capital Improvement Framework: At the core the plan is a Capital Improvement Framework. This component outlines a series of targeted investments and public realm enhancements set to unfold over the next decade. Our approach is meticulously aligned with both current and projected public and private investment opportunities, ensuring a cohesive and forward-thinking development strategy.
      • Priority Investment Area Analysis: A cornerstone of our strategy is the in-depth analysis of Priority Investment Areas within Downtown. Our team, leveraging extensive research and understanding of market dynamics, will identify key geographies of Downtown for targeted investment. This analysis not only considers the current state of these areas but also their potential, factoring in existing assets and emerging opportunities.

The development of the Downtown Strategic Investment Plan is guided by a local Steering Committee of 30+ Downtown Tulsa stakeholders and the planning process will evolve throughout its creation from the valuable input from our community. We invite you to stay engaged, share your insights, and be a part of this exciting chapter in Downtown Tulsa’s story by following along in our newsletter and on social media.

Strategic Investment Plan Schedule

For questions or more information, contact Emily Scott, DTP Director of Planning & Vitality:

    The Downtown Strategic Investment Plan is a collaboration of Downtown Tulsa Partnership, PartnerTulsa, and the City of Tulsa with project consultants Economic Planning Systems and MIG.