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Calling all photographers, models and influencers! Downtown Tulsa Partnership and Tulsa Creative Engine have partnered to offer the first 918 Day Downtown Photography Tour on Sunday, September 18th, from 5-7 PM. The tour is free to attend but advance registration is required, and attendance will be capped at 20.

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DTP staff will lead the group on a walking tour to 5 of Downtown Tulsa's most photo-worthy spots, allowing for 15 minutes to shoot at each location. Tour locations will include exteriors and interiors, with permission granted in advance. Join us to experience the beauty of Downtown during "the Golden Hour" behind (or in front of) the lense! 

The tour will conclude at 7 PM at the final tour spot, In the Raw Vū, where tour participants can relax and grab a bite, network, and review their images as we watch a skyline sunset.

Photographers are welcome to share their favorite tour images with DTP, the best of which will be showcased with credit on the DTP website and reshared on its social media accounts.

Where to meet:

Southeast corner (nearest Inner Circle) of OKPOP, 422 N. Main Street, at PM

What to bring:

- Your camera (DSLR and smartphones welcome)

- Your walking shoes

- A bottle of water

- A friendly, adventurous spirit :)


Email us at