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Happy Two-Year Anniversary to Us!

July 12, 2023

Category:  Downtown Partnership

Downtown Tulsa Partnership is celebrating our two-year anniversary this month! Here are some thoughts from our leadership in regard to this special milestone. 

Downtown Tulsa Partnership Ambassador Team

From our President and CEO, Brian Kurtz:

"This month, we’re celebrating two years since the DTP’s inception and the beginning of the Downtown Tulsa Ambassador Team. The vision of this program, however, goes back much further. The Ambassador Team is rooted in nearly a year of community and stakeholder engagement during the strategic planning process that helped to create Downtown Tulsa Partnership. Whether it’s removing graffiti tags from light posts or picking up trash that gathers along curb lines, helping a visitor with directions, or aiding individuals experiencing homelessness or a business impacted by homelessness, our in-field team members are making a visible impact in the public realm every day.

Brian Kurtz, DTP President & CEO

"Community feedback so clearly stated the need for increased attention to Downtown’s public realm that the first objective of the first goal of the organization’s strategic plan called for establishing a new cleaning, safety, and livability program to bring Downtown in alignment with industry standards and to enhance its cleanliness, safety, and livability. While we know our collective work is never done to meet our community’s standards and objectives, the dedicated individuals who make up this team work hard each day working for and with Downtown businesses, residents, visitors — our community of stakeholders.

"The next time you see one of their friendly faces walking or biking down the street, be sure to say hello and express your appreciation for their services."

Leola Maxey, DTP Operations Manager

From Our Ambassador Operations Manager, Leola Maxey:

"There has already been so much growth in our team and our impact on Downtown Tulsa. It is amazing to see where we have come from and where we have been. When we started the program, I remember it was pouring down rain at our inauguration; it was so bad that I was scared that everyone was going to walk out and that there wouldn't be a program the next day. But when the whole team showed up that next morning, I knew then that there was some resilience there. I am grateful for them; I know that sounds cheesy, but I truly am really proud of my team."

We are passionate about Downtown Tulsa's well-being, and we can't wait to continue to serve our community and ensure that it is a clean and safe place to be for years to come. We love you, Downtown!