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Downtown Hopes, Dreams, and Resolutions for 2023

January 3, 2023

Category:  Downtown Partnership

It's a new year, and the team of Downtown Tulsa Partnership is imagining the best year yet for Downtown Tulsa! Here, our office staff and members of our Downtown Tulsa Ambassador Team share some of their hopes and dreams for Downtown in 2023, plus some personal New Year's resolutions.

What are your hopes and dreams for Downtown Tulsa this year? Email us at

Brian Kurtz

"In 2023 I hope more people see and experience the impact of our Ambassador Team as we aim to grow and expand this critical program. Even with market conditions where they are, I’m hopeful that we will see additional housing projects commence that continue building a dense community for our City. I’m empowered by the incredible team we have at Downtown Tulsa Partnership, and we are resolved to ensure that everyone can find their place here in Downtown — a place where all are welcome, thrive, and find joy no matter their age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. Downtown is everyone’s neighborhood." — Brian Kurtz, President and CEO

Leola Maxey

"I have high hopes for more Ambassadors to be added to the team, so that our work is more efficient and effective within the community. I also dream of having better quality of life standards/practices in place for the unsheltered individuals out on the streets. That includes housing and mental health resources readily available to them all. Lastly, I look forward to building a bigger rapport/relationship with TPD so we can respond and support our community at a much higher and collaborative level. I am a firm believer of 'power in numbers.'" — Leola Maxey, Downtown Ambassador Team Operations Manager

Emily Scott

"I see 2023 as a pivotal opportunity to showcase Downtown as a laboratory of change capable of adequately and systemically addressing our city’s greatest challenges of homelessness, truly inclusive economic growth, quality neighborhood infrastructure, and the ever-evolving task of what it means to be a good neighbor. On that wish list includes public restrooms, an expansion of our critical Downtown Ambassador team, a significant decrease in storefront vacancies, and a substantial increase in the amount of visible, accessible public art in our Downtown realm. On a personal note, I’d love a made-to-order salad shop like Sweetgreen!" — Emily Scott, Director of Planning and Vitality

Morgan Phillips

"My hopes and dreams for Downtown in 2023 include a warm bed and wrap-around services for every person who is currently unhoused. I also look forward to hitting our stride as a team and building on our successes in 2022, creating some new, truly unique experiences in Downtown Tulsa, and reactivating some underutilized spaces in creative ways. Personally, I plan to use my membership at the Downtown YMCA twice a week and to start listening to audio books again." — Morgan Phillips, Director of Marketing & Experience

Kirsten Dominguez

"I am anticipating so much for the new year in Downtown Tulsa. I hope the Ambassadors grow in number to further their reach and service to Tulsans. I am also hoping for more shopping boutiques to open in Downtown Tulsa. Lastly, I hope to get a puppy in the New Year." — Kirsten Dominguez, Digital Content & Experience Coordinator

Sophia Ton

"My hope for Downtown in 2023 is to see more welcoming spaces and more green space for public use. Personally, I hope to read more in 2023 and spend time traveling with friends and family." — Sophia Ton, Community Engagement & Research Fellow

Olbin Romero

"My hopes and dreams for 2023 are to be able to help our unsheltered individuals with mental illness get the help they very much need, including mental health facilities and housing. Hopefully we can get more Ambassadors to help provide these services. I also hope to have more family-friendly spaces such as a playground in the Downtown area." — Olbin Romero, Ambassador Team Lead

Dominque Wilson

"My dreams and hopes for Downtown in 2023 would be a great program or organization to help the people who are mentally ill and unsheltered to have a home they can call their own and the mental evaluation and help that they need. I hope that the temporary help we give could be a permanent source of help for those who are willing to make that transition that's needed for a healthy, progressive life.  I also hope to have a bigger team for DTP so we could be more in the view of people who are in need of help or directions and hospitality around Downtown." — Dominque Wilson, Hospitality & Safety Ambassador