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Downtown Tulsa Partnership Board of Directors

The Downtown Tulsa Partnership Board of Directors is composed of representatives and leaders from Downtown Tulsa businesses and civic organizations and is responsible for organizational governance and fiscal oversight.

Chair: Elliot Nelson, McNellie’s Group
Vice Chair: 
Chip Gaberino, Topeca Coffee
Treasurer: Marc Maun, Bank of Oklahoma
DeAnn Johnson, Williams

Terry Ball, Mayor’s Designee*
Holly Becker, Philips Theological Seminary
Laura Bellis, Tulsa City Council District 4*
Tom Biolchini, Vast Bank
Chris Bumgarner, Boston Avenue Management
Venita Cooper, Silhouette Sneakers & Art
Curtis Dinan, ONE Gas
Vanessa Hall-Harper, Tulsa City Council District 1*
Tiffini Jackson, PSO
Karen Keith, Tulsa County Commissioner*
Brian Kurtz, Downtown Tulsa Partnership*
Melissa Pasha, Gable Gotwals
Pete Patel, Promise Hotels
Sean Weins, Tulsa Community College
Bill White, Historic Greenwood Main Street

*Denotes Ex-Officio Member

Tulsa Stadium Improvement District Advisory Committee

The TSID Advisory Committee is composed of Downtown Property owners and provides high-level monitoring of enhanced services provided by the Downtown Tulsa Partnership through the Tulsa Stadium Improvement District.

Chair: Elliot Nelson, McNellie's Group
Thomas Carlson, Carlson Development Group
Brian Elliot, Sharp Development
Hunt Hawkins, River City Development
Jackie Price Johanssen, Price Family Properties
Kian Kamas, Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity
Jeff Scott, Scott Realty Company
Tom Wallace, Property Owner
Steven Watts, Rose Rock Development