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The BluPrint Story

April 12, 2024

Category:  Sports

Meet Marquita, the visionary behind BluPrint Studio, a haven for health, wellness, and community in Downtown Tulsa. Marquita's journey is a testament to perseverance and passion for fitness and community building. Her personal health journey fueled her commitment to creating a space where health and empowerment for all people intersect. Check out her story and take a class!

About Marquita 

I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri; my family moved to Tulsa when I was about four years old. My dad was an engineer and got hired at Channel 8, so we moved here for his job. Greenwood and the Downtown Tulsa area were pretty much all I knew. My family lived on the east side of Tulsa. So, my sisters and I went to Perry Elementary and Foster Middle School. We would spend our school year days in Tulsa and our summers in Kansas City. It wasn't until high school that I moved to this side of town. So, it's like two different sides of the world growing up in the East versus now living in North Tulsa. So, there was more access in East Tulsa versus North Tulsa at the time, until, more so recently, there has been more access to things on this side of town; there has been a lot of investment recently. 

My husband is from California, and when he moved here, we'll be married 20 years this year, but when he moved here, Downtown Tulsa was like a ghost town. So, it's amazing to see from the time we got married to now how this neighborhood has developed in his time being here.  

Journey to BluPrint Studio 

Creating the BluPrint Studio is a testimony. It started with just my blueprint on health. Nine years ago, I took a weight loss journey to take my life back. I was this person who was a "serial dieter," I'd lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight. I was getting ready to turn 40 in about two years, and I was like, "Man, I gotta stop that roller coaster," so I challenged myself to work out for a whole year straight. I couldn't take any days off. During that journey, I would ride a bike, the BluPrint Studio used to be called Studio Pop, and I would ride past this studio me and my son. He was little, and I would say to him, "Man, I wonder what it's like in there. I want to go in there and ride." So, one day, I took a class, and I thought it was the worst thing in the world because I thought I was in shape. And I was like, "Oh no, this is probably the worst cardio in the world. But it wasn't about how hard the class was; it was about how the instructor made me feel. So, I ended up coming back for more, and then I got cycle-certified. That following year, I ended up teaching at this studio when it was Studio Pop.  

I taught here for two years and at Cycle Bar whenever they first came to Tulsa. But along that journey, I still worked here at Studio Pop. And I always felt that if I ever had my own studio, I would want it to look like that. And I'd have a salon upstairs so that way, women can't complain about not being able to work out because of their hair. But for me, at the time, I just thought it was a dream. I never thought I would be able to have something this; this was too big. Years progressed, and in 2020, the lady who owned Studio Pop said she was closing it, and I was like, "Oh my gosh, that's my chance to be able to ask if I could take it over!" She said I was the most perfect person to take over this studio. I never in a million years of me saying I would want my own studio to look like this did I think I would be able to be the person to own it. The reason why I'm even cycling is because of this building and the space that that lady created here.  

So, it was a dream for me, and I got to have a grand opening on my birthday. It was just one of those crazy faith of moments of planting those seeds and doing the work well watching you know, something that I desired happen and change in my life in the process. So, this makes year nine of me working out consistently with no days off, I lost 70 pounds in the process, and I've reversed my chances of having heart disease. Heart disease runs in my family and my goal was to make sure my grandkids didn't have to check heart disease was in their next line before their parents. So, changing my blueprint of what my health history looks like and for my family is what I wanted to do, hence the name of the BluPrint Studio because that was one thing I would always tell people whenever I taught, is like "you are the blueprint of what health looks like what mental stability looks like for you and your family." Blueprint means the standard or the formula for someone to follow. So that's what brought me here to today, it's helping people recreate their blueprint to whatever their goal is, maybe it's not fitness, maybe it's having healthy heir, you know, your hair is sometimes the first thing that starts to show you issues that are going on in your body. So, I have some clients that work out here and others that just allow me to do their hair, and some clients that allow me to do both, but my thing is creating health all the way around. 

Hair Care at BluPrint 

I've been a hairstylist for 25 years and before weight loss journey was even a thing to me, my clients would always be like "I want to work out but you know I'm a sweat my hair out." And I dreamed of a studio where people could work out and get their hair done in the same place. I didn't know that years down the line it would be something that I would be even doing because I wasn't a person who liked to work out. I was that lose weight gain weight, lose weight gain weight person and voila. I was able to create exactly what I wanted to see.  

For African American women, that's one of the reasons why we don't work out or don't want to work out. It's like "Nope, I just got my hair done. I'm not sweating my hair out and waste all the money that I just spent." So, it's important to me to teach women what they can do to preserve their hair. I wanted to be someone who removed the obstacle for African American women. 

Why Greenwood, Downtown Tulsa? 

I love Downtown Tulsa, just because this is where my journey started. I live three minutes from here. My son goes to school close to here. My husband, he's a firefighter, he used to be at station two. So. he would drive the fire truck past here and honk and kind of just disrupt class. So, this neighborhood just feels like community to me. Being three minutes away to where I can walk and ride my bike and was close to my family is very important. And the history of Black Wall Street was the other thing, being a black woman owning a black owned business on Black Wall Street, it just didn't get no better. So just thinking about the history of what was before in this neighborhood and being able to carry that torch and kind of be a person who could rebuild, and you know, shine and leave a legacy. 

What the BluPrint Community is Like 

To me, the BluPrint Studio is a place where if you're lost, I definitely feel like this is a place where you can find yourself. Even for me, before this place was mine, it was a place where I felt like I could find myself. This is a place where you do not have to compete with nobody but yourself. If you feel a little lost and need a little motivation, healing, or mental clarity, this is a place you can find that. This is also a place for community. The biggest thing to me is family. Just seeing my clients, they have become family, so even from your first time and you've never met anybody, this community brings you in, encourages you, and hugs you, and everybody feels connected, like family. So, if you're looking for family or community, this is definitely the place for that. Even if you're just coming in to grab a juice or get your hair done you feel welcome here. It's not necessarily about fitness, it is about belonging to something.  

Fitness and really cycling has a bad reputation, and I just want people to be comfortable to give it a try and to remove their perspective on how hard it is. Every day we do things that are hard, so I just really want people to take their health more seriously. And that's not coming from a fitness instructor. It's from someone who took a journey and finally got it right. I spent many years getting it wrong, and I feel like I finally found the blueprint of getting it right. So, if you're struggling with your health, hair, or nutritional journey, and even if it's just a conversation and you feel like you need someone to talk with, you can come here. I would love to be that person to help lead someone on the path of getting it right. I spent many years getting it wrong, and I finally found the keys to getting it right.  


When it comes to nutrition, I keep it simple. It's not about strict diets or knowing all the right foods. On my website, I offer a meal plan, but what I really emphasize is finding what works for each person. One thing I do offer is fresh pressed juices, which were key in my own journey. I make sure to have fresh fruit available for clients leaving, replacing my old habit of hitting up McDonald's after a workout. It's about helping them make good choices before they head out because it's easy to slip up on the way home. I also provide juices for them to take home, aiding digestion and reducing inflammation. 

One client, going through cancer treatment, found solace in my juices, attributing them to maintaining her hair. While I can't claim miracles, it's gratifying to provide something helpful during tough times. Whether it's about fitness, nutrition, or hair care, my goal is to support each person's health journey. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't easy—I've been through ups and downs, including menopause. Sharing my experiences helps others understand and navigate their own challenges. I'm transparent about my journey, even the indulgences like candy and cupcakes. It's about balance and understanding your body's responses. 

Learning to listen to my body and not being too hard on myself has been crucial. Pizza used to be my weakness, but now I have a healthier relationship with it. It's about recognizing emotional triggers and making conscious choices. Ultimately, it's about fostering a positive relationship with food and overall health. 

A Vision for More 

I would love to expand; I would love to see the salon be on a lower level and have more space. I like the structure of the BluPrint Studio now, but I would love to have more space to be able to have more stylists. Right now, I'm the only stylist, so it's more of a hair studio than an open salon. I like being in Downtown Tulsa and would love to be able to find another building where I could have more space for everything. 

Whether you're seeking fitness guidance, hair care expertise, or simply a supportive community to call home, BluPrint Studio welcomes you with open arms. Join Marquita on this journey of transformation and empowerment, where every step forward is a victory celebrated together.

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