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Downtown Tulsa In The News

January 5, 2022

Category:  What’s New

A number of Downtown destinations have been featured in the news and we wanted to provide this roundup to make sure you see each of them.

USA Today has named Greenwood Rising #7 on their list of the top ten Best New Attractions in 2021

Opened in August 2021, Greenwood Rising brings to life the lessons of the past to inspire meaningful action in the present and future. Admission is currently free during the first year of operation.

CNN Travel has named Tulsa a top destination to visit in 2022

One of the most anticipated stops will be the opening of the Bob Dylan Center in May. CNN also recommends a visit to the Greenwood Rising museum and a stop in nature at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area.

Tulsa World highlighted McNellie's Group's latest restaurant concept, Dracula Sandwich

The restaurant features whimsically-named gourmet sandwiches and sides, like the "Steak Through the Heart” Philly cheesesteak. Visitors can now dine-in at the restaurant, which also serves as the home to McNellie's catering and Ghost Dragon Express.

Tulsa World also highlighted the 10 best new restaurants of 2021 and included Downtown establishments Restaurant Basque and La Tertulia.

In our humble opinion the entire list should have featured all the Downtown eateries that opened in 2022 like The French Hen, In the Raw Vu, Cherry Street Kitchen, Inheritance Juicery, Cura Cafe, Shiloh’s, and Topeca Coffee Vast Bank.