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A Love Letter to Downtown Tulsa

February 14, 2023

Category:  Downtown Partnership

To everyone who lives any part of their lives in Downtown Tulsa, we want to let you know that we appreciate you. From the remote coworker to the local business owner and every employee, student, and Downtown visitor, your presence in our neighborhood makes a difference. It wouldn’t be the same place without you!

Thank you for helping us make Downtown a prosperous, vibrant, and inclusive place. We hope to be a part of many memories to come!

To celebrate our love for Downtown Tulsa, a poem:

Downtown Tulsa
Downtown Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa 

Your essence is a golden thread 

Prosperous, vibrant, and inclusive  


It lays across our parks  

Coils up around our skyscrapers 

Winds through our every district 

Appears in every coffee shop and brewery 

No restaurant, bar, or bakery goes untouched 

It’s in our shops, in our museums, apartments, and hotels


No matter the occasion 

You are where we eat, drink, stay, play 


The Blue Dome
The Blue Dome

Our Ambassadors reflect it 

Our visitors experience it 

Our Downtown regulars know it

We all get to take part in it 


Your essence is a golden thread 

Prosperous, vibrant, and inclusive 

A thread that is tied around my heart 


By Kirsten Dominguez 

What We Love About Downtown Tulsa 

Brian: I love Downtown Tulsa's food scene! It's been exciting to see our community get many James Beard nominations this winter, and I am excited for the restaurants that are coming to Downtown in the near future.

Debra: I love seeing Downtown Tulsa become alive again, with visitors of all ages and new retail. My No. 1 love is the food!

Mayo Hotel
Mayo Hotel

Morgan: I love getting to know small business owners in Downtown. Most are passionate about their customers and about making Downtown Tulsa the best it can be!

Emily: I love the DIY vibes of our Downtown! You see it through pop up restaurants by passionate chefs, cranes in the sky from major investors, and one of the strongest arts communities in the country. If you can dream it, you can do it in Downtown Tulsa, and I love that!

Kirsten: I love the community that we are building in Downtown Tulsa. It is growing rapidly and staying friendly, and I anticipate what is to come for our neighborhood. 

Sophia: I love the energy of Downtown! The people who are living, working, and visiting are all essential parts of an atmosphere that is driving movement and change.